“Opera is perhaps one of the safest examples in which to say ‘if you try it, you’ll like it’ and more often than not, it happens.” – Placido Domingo

Christmas is coming!

Classic Christmas
December 20 & 21, 2014

Our Story

The Rochester Aria Group was formed with two primary goals: to promote classical singing through live performance, and to create performance opportunities for talented area singers. Beyond providing opportunities for public performance, we seek to provide significant educational opportunities for performers, while introducing audiences to the exciting world of operatic music.

Opera is an art form with particularly demanding and specific requirements: natural gift, intensive vocal, musical and linguistic training, involving significant investments of time and money. Early exposure is absolutely necessary to capture the interest of students. With little exposure in schools and on television, the creation of other outlets is crucial. The Rochester Aria Group hopes to act as an educational entity, raising awareness and interest. By making quality performances accessible we hope to promote the operatic art form, not only in terms of current and future audience, but also future participants.